Fork in the road

11 Jun

This evenings contribution to the Community Storyboard xBx

The Community Storyboard

I find myself
At a fork in the road
Staring at the routes ahead
Both taking me forward
Both in different directions
Both leading to the unknown…
But which path should I take?
How do I choose?

The path to my left
Is straight
The surface is smooth…

Sheltered by thick trees
Protecting me from the elements
It looks  safe
It looks Easy
So tempting

The path to my right
Looks daunting
It’s rough
Like no one has ventured that way before
The view is obstructed
By the steep incline
Of the hills ahead
It would be a tough journey
The uphill struggle would take all my energy
I couldn’t foresee what lay ahead
What I would find on the other side

I look back to the left
That would be easier
The straight
Smooth path
But it’s so plain
Perhaps even boring
It stays the…

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