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Pay it forward….

PIF - Pay it Forward

PIF – Pay it Forward (Photo credit: amitaf)

The dental recovery is going well -actually today its fine but I’m milking it and have spent this morning catching up with more bloggers- don’t judge me 😉

Like my last catch up session – posted here– I feel so much better after visiting some of my favourite blogs and falling in love with them all over again…remembering why I followed them…remembering why trawling through my reader is worth it…reminding me WHY I love blogging. So, like last time, I am now going to highlight the blogs visited and pay it forward

Mocha at LiveUntil wrote a great post about fate, coincidence…things happening for a reason which I believe strongly about Mocha, you inspire me, your words fill me with hope, with light and I hope you realise exactly how much happiness you bring to others – thank you xB

Petite Magique recently celebrated an anniversary – so congrats to you 🙂 and also wrote a piece about tattoos which got me thinking, this post has inspired a future blog post for me so thank you 🙂

Ionia has taken a well deserved break/vacation which allowed me to stalk her blog quite freely 😉 One thing which stands out for me is how much she supports other writers with her interviews, reviews and just general interest from Ionia…not to mention the interaction through comments, the community storyboard… So now its my turn to pay it forward and suggest some of Ionias ‘writing attempts’ lol Thank you Ionia for playing such a massive part in my blogging world xB

Writing the body  (whom nominated me recently and I’ve just remembered I still haven’t posted it myself) always amazes me, such honest writing and beautiful poems – even when drunk 😉

The Crazy Nigerian (that’s the name of his blog – not me being harsh lol) has recently appeared…no no that’s not right… erm he’s been heard on the radio discussing his  book! whoop whoop Which I am so excited about! Well done you 🙂

Jesus Likes Pizza wrote about the perfect love which I found beautifully inspiring – thank you for sharing your faith xx

I FINALLY got over to visit GreenEmbers and discovered the truth about Amazon… its actually rather disgusting…and senseless in my opinion (Amazon not the post lol) Bradley…I will say this again…you are amazing, you are an inspiration and not only that but you have single handedly (is that a word?) given us the RCC… you have given so many people encouragement…that’s all down to you…thank you

Wyndy has had a tough time lately and I don’t like it one bit!! -well I DID ‘like’ her post but shhh. Wyndy, chin up lady, you are loved and we are behind you – regardless of less reblogs/blog posts/comments… we all have our own lives outside of the blogging world, we all understand how hard it can be to find the balance so please don’t apologise for being AWOL for a little while… just know we are here for you xB

Charles wrote recently of changes in his hometown which hit a nerve with me, His poem captured my feelings about it beautifully; he’s also got a book out so well done Charles, I hope to read it soon and everyone…everyone…go buy his book!! 🙂

Cathy has been staying true to form and posting beautiful photographs and poetry, this one is my favourite, so simple, so beautiful…

Donna – my very own cheerleader (twit twoo) has been off roaming Scotland and hunting for her muse Come back soon Donna! I miss you 🙂

I have SOOOOO many more blogs to get through -so bear with me- but for now its about time I got dressed and attacked some of my other goals for this week -oh yeah and then there’s the small matter of housework *groan*

So…. Thank you all for continuing to write amazing pieces



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Fork in the road

This evenings contribution to the Community Storyboard xBx

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Crystal: Bartender and Thomas

My character post on the MisAdventures of Vanilla 🙂

The MisAdventures of Vanilla

‘AGAIN!’ the drunk, overweight businessman demanded as he leaned across the bar and stuffed a few notes down my top.

‘Larry honey I think you’ve had enough…want me to call you a cab?’

He swayed sleepily, raised his eyebrows and tried his best to keep his eyes from rolling.  ‘Look Crystal,’ he slurred and waved some more bills in my face; ‘If THIS wont get me just one more drink….what exactly WILL it get me? You do that stuff don’t you? Going that extra mile…customer satisfaction and all that…?’

I flushed and tried not to stiffen but even Larry – as drunk as he was- noticed my change in demeanor.  A smirk crossed his lips and he slowly nodded,  ‘Oh, so you do, eh?’ he leaned towards me once more, the sickly sweet smell of Jack Daniels and cigarettes clouding the air and sticking in my lungs.

‘I’ll call you…

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Oddquain: Hope’s Alive

I think we could all do with watering our seeds of hope now and then 🙂 xBx



Balloons in the wind

In light of this mornings negative post…Mocha is here, handing out balloons 😉 xBx



Kisses goodbye

My latest Post in the Community Storyboard xBx

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Happiest Moment of Today #20

Motivation Monday…. ‘Happiness Project’ One of my favourite parts of this blog 🙂 Even on the days which aren’t so great we should still look for the positives 🙂

The Girl with Twine in Her Bag

One of the days where my happiness level is 1 out of 10, so the happiest moment would be having lunch alone at CoffeeBean with my book.

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Let someone else choose your meal at a restaurant

Seeing as it’s Motivation Monday….
I honestly think this is one of the best blogs…EVER! lol Seriously…for us serious ones we really do need to take a leaf out of this guys book (or blog) and do something different…not even anything big or expensive..just different to what WE would normally do. It’s inspiring -and oh so simple. For some reason I cant reblog the ‘about’ page…cause it’s a page maybe? I dont know but I honestly reccommend you check it out for yourselves.

Wobble a Jelly

In my why section, I explain that the inspiration for this blog started as a result of choosing something different off of a menu. It forced me to try something I’d never normally try.

I still felt I was veering towards food I would like, so at a meal with some work colleagues, I decided to try something really different.

We played a game where you choose the meal for the person to your left. And so on round the table.

We briefed the waiter so that he would not repeat the order back so that we only knew what we were having when it arrived at the table. It was really quite exciting – not knowing what someone would order for you, and equally what the other person would think of the meal you’ve just chosen for them. It’s quite a conversation-starter.

I have played The Game know…

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Rain Rain Go Away

Sorting some bits and bobs today so consider this reblog of my first post on the Community Storyboard my post for today 🙂 …if you havent checked out the blog yet…do it…do it NOW 🙂

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Random Humor

I BET you laugh/smile at at least 2 of these….

Michael Bradley - Time Traveler

More random humor to get you through hump day.  Enjoy!

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Rambles, writing and amusing musings

Smile! laugh out loud! enjoy the following

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Those who Hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar like wings on eagles, they will run and not grow weary.


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