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Motivation Muesday

I am now a member :)

I am now a member 🙂

Well…its not Monday anymore… but screw it.
I’ve had a really up and down week (or more) but I managed to tick some of my goals off. Actually writing these posts – as unmotivated as I feel at the time really does help because its so easy to forget what I HAVE achieved during a shitty week so writing them down is kind of like an ‘oh yeah’ moment where you feel a little better afterwards 🙂

Last week I finished one of the books I was reading so one aim for the next week is to review it on here and finally do an Amazon review as promised. I am now starting the next one and so far I like it (even though I’m only a few pages in lol) I’m waiting for a time where I can sit and read a good chunk at my leisure rather than squeezing bits in here and there and only half paying attention so hopefully I’ll get to do that soon 🙂

I made my counselling appointment with the newbie…actually I went one step further and had a full blown session with her there and then…I survived and it was actually good to be surprised with it. It meant I didn’t have the time to fret about it beforehand (or chicken out and cancel) I will write about that more later on…regardless I like her and have the next one booked in the next week or so 🙂

I got paid...I went shopping…I practically forced myself to BUY something to wear as for the first hour or so I wandered around picking things up and then convincing myself I didn’t need or want them and leaving empty handed. I’m so not used to treating myself lol but I ended up with a sweet dress, some practical stuff and a bunch of stuff for other people lol. I still have some set aside for hubbys birthday AND more just ‘in the account’ Saying that its been less than a week ha ha but it feels nice to be able to run out for some milk without counting the pennies and checking the account so I think I’ll be able to curb my spending and stick to what I need- we shall see.

Attempt 1

Attempt 1

Attempt 2

Attempt 2

Also I have been practicing baking and decorating cakes in preparation for his birthday cake. I started with one layer of basic marble cake so it’s a bit flat lol but I just wanted to try icing it… my first attempt was terrible lol HOWEVER I didn’t have a rolling pin so… what’s that saying about blaming their tools? It tasted bloody amazing though!

The second attempt I played with cherries which actually dried the cake out a bit (as did putting it in the fridge) but the decorating improved a bit. Next time I’m going to do 2 layers (stacked) with cream and jam in the middle…mmmmm wish me luck lol

The Shine On Award

I was recently nominated for the Shine On Award by Writing The Body  (Thank you very much 🙂 ) Of course it comes with rules -post it, link back, nominate 15 bloggers and share 7 random things about yourself. As always do what you wish with the award…I always do lol

Shine On Award

Shine On Award

7 random things:
I don’t like ice cream
Today I am bloated
I SHOULD be doing housework right now
I reverse parked a disabled van last week and still feel proud of myself
I haven’t bitten my nails for over a month
I keep having nightmares lately :/
I wouldn’t mind going back to bed today

1.  Rank these kinds of weather from best to worst: Sunny and hot, misty and cold, rain and cool, snow, ice, windy
My answers: Sunny and hot – Rain and cool – Windy – Misty and cold- snow – ice
2.  Do you like outdoor music festivals?
My answer: No.  Hate them,
3.  Do you like drinking water?
My answer: yes, it used to be all I drank (apart from alcohol lol) but over the last few years tea and coffee has taken over so now it has to be ice cold
4.  Favourite alcoholic drink
My answer: Vodka and coke or baileys
5.  Best drug experience
My answer: I overdosed once (pain meds) when I was a teenager and the hallucinations were hilarious – dangerous of course and stupid and that would never happen again.
6.  Most fun while not taking anything
My answer: lol I don’t ‘take anything’ so I suppose most things that are meant to be fun…
7.  Greatest sorrow:
My answer: 2013

EVERY ONE OF YOU…yes you! I can’t choose a handful of you -especially as I haven’t caught up with anyone on here lately and so many of you inspire me in different ways so I want ALL of YOU to shine on 🙂
If you want this award…you are welcome to it…You deserve it 🙂

My goals for this week:

  • I have been sent 2,000 vinyl singles…yup 2,000! Which I need to sort through and try and sell somewhere… any ideas?
  • I need to get some of these thoughts written down and blogged as they’re taking over my mind a little
  • I will make that double layer cake and it will be great
  • I will be careful with my spending
  • Read & Review


  • I am happy that my cakes are improving
  • I am happy I got to blog today
  • I am thankful for my best friend from home being just a phone call away



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Motivation Monday – Awards

Seeing as last weeks goals (posted here) pretty much went out the window – apart from getting a photo with Mr&Mrs BeetleyPete 😀  I figured it was about time I got these Awards Posts done…..

I have quite a few awards to hand out today….bear with me. Its my own fault for not passing them on sooner really lol Anyhow I will comply with the ‘rules’ of each apart from the amount of nominations I need to make as that could take a while…but you never know I may get a second wind on this 😉
So…without further ado…

THANK YOU ALL FOR MY AWARDS 🙂 It’s only fair to send some back your way so see below to find out which ones you’ve got 😉 Also, seeing as I haven’t had a chance to catch up regularly I also think it’s only fair to pass these awards to those I HAVE been in touch with lately….congrats all xB


Share the Love Award from Apparently it is similar to the Liebster Award which I have also been nominated for and so thank you all – I’m sorry though I’m going to do a mish mash of ‘rules’

Liebster Award

Liebster Award

 The Rules
1. Add the award logo to your blog.

2. List 11 Random Facts

3. Answer the questions
4. Nominate and let them know
5. Send them 11 new questions

My Facts: (There’s not much people on here don’t already know lol)
1- I wear glasses – I call them ‘me goggles’ and cant see much without them
2- I don’t like my forehead being on show…lol… I USED to cover it with a side fringe etc but more recently I’ve let it out a bit more often (saves me straightening my hair lol)
3- I am a dirty smoker
4- I have just eaten waaay too many sweets and feel a bit sick… but I might have one more anyway
5- I love watching TopGear
6- I missed the first half of the new season of ‘ONCE’ and am pissed about it
7 – I love driving…
8- ….I rarely have anywhere to drive though…or enough money to spend once there lol
9 – I am meant to be getting ready for work right now
10- My exs mum and I once stole my exs car to retrieve something the ex was too scared to get himself (wimp)
11-I cant think of anything to write for number 11

1.  Name an enduring sorrow, something that has lasted for over a year
Does the finale of ‘LOST’ count? I was SO angry at the ending – especially as I had guessed from the first season…6 years that took…6 years!!!!!
2. Best song that captures an enduring sorrow
I suppose for me that would be 30 Seconds to Mars – The Kill…why? see this post
3.  Band with the best lyrics
Jeebus these questions are hard….I couldn’t possibly choose
4.  Band with the best music
Same as above
5. How do you relate to nature? I mean do you need it, trees, lakes, seas, mountains etc
Views and things… fine, I appreciate the prettiness but only when I can go back to the comfort of my home afterwards
6. Appliance you cannot do without.
Some kind of water boiling device…I need my instant coffee
7. Have you ever been bullied?  describe it (if you feel ok that is)
Yes, over 6 years by a group of 13 girls. Nothing physical thankfully (apart from the odd thing thrown at me now and then) but verbal, emotional bullying. It broke me down and took a long time to get over.
8.  Did you ever sleep with someone because that would be easier than telling that person or persons, no?  Describe that…if you feel ok
No…possibly…maybe. More because I wasn’t too fussed about whether we did or didn’t, I think I was more interested to find out whether we could go there and how it would be… so we did…and it didn’t really change anything either way so we never did again and remained friends.
9. is there a painter you like?  Link please…
I’m going modern on this one
10.  favourite youtube clip…link please
Oh god …don’t judge me lol…

11.  Most masochistic thing about you…..this is me after all …. describe if you feel ok.
This is me so I had to Google that lol  and I think I will leave this one blank

Nominees for the Share the Love Award:

Nominees for the Liebster Award:

Anyone in the RCC whom wants it…it is yours

Questions for Nominees:
1 What’s the gossip?
2 Favourite Colour?
3 What do you do for a living?
4 Do you enjoy it
5 What’s you favourite quote? (and why?)
6 Sweet or savoury?
7 Favourite film of all time?
8 Where in the world are you?
9 Where in the world would you love to be?
10 Best moment of your life (so far) ?
11 What activity do you love the most? and why


The Crazy Nigerian Nominated me for the Super Sweet Award (Thank you 🙂 )

Super Sweet

Super Sweet

What to do:
Thank the Super Sweet Blogger that nominated you.
Answer 5 Super Sweet questions.
Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award in your blog post.
Nominate your nominees on their blog.

Cookies or Cake? – Cookies
Chocolate or Vanilla? – Vanilla
Favourite Sweet Treat? – Sweets! Chewy ones….Sooo bad for my teeth
When do you crave sweet things most?  All day every day lol
Sweet Nickname – My husband calls me ass-eyes….

Nominees for the Super Sweet Award: (You guys are the sweetest 😉 )

A few awards in one here but seeing as I have 2 of them and this is already a mammoth post I will kindly steal the 2 I don’t already have 😉 The hug award and the Dragon something award lol

Hug Award

Hug Award

Dragons Loyalty

Dragons Loyalty

I’m guessing there were a lot of ‘rules’ for these so thankfully they have been merged down *phew* Saying that the questions aren’t exactly easy lol 😉

What is the meaning of life?
42? Whatever you want it to mean
Happiness is all about?
looking back one day and crying from the good memories or from the better ones you’re making
Why did you start a blog?
To say the things I couldn’t say to my friends/family/husband, to find people whom understand, have been there, experienced life…to find people to communicate with – from a distance and not worry about isolating myself with the truth
What is more important in your life relationships or fame?
Relationships…. its lonely at the top – or so I’ve heard
One thing which you like the most about blogging?
I couldn’t choose one! Support, inspiration, encouragement, friendships; Having no worries about pouring my heart out, no pre judgements, everyone is as open as they want to be about what they want to be – yet you feel like you’ve known them forever.
What’s the best decision you ever made?
To take a chance on a few things in the past – I have faith in them turning out alright.
Do you believe that unconditional love really exists in any kind of relationship?
Yes, family for sure but I think even if the relationship failed there are still some relationships/people you could love forever, no matter what…It doesn’t mean you’re going to be walked all over though
Do you believe in Karma’s if yes then what are bad and good karma according to you?
I didn’t, but then I got kicked by a bunch of bad shit…so now I’m wondering what i did so bad lol….I’m hoping its true though because all the good I’ve been doing has to amount to something right?
Do you believe in rebirth or afterlife if yes then why?
I would LOVE to, I was raised catholic so I’m not supposed to believe in rebirth but I’m not a practicing catholic and that’s my favourite idea – as far as death goes anyway.
What is the best moment of your life?
I couldn’t say – there have been some great ones but they’ve always been tainted by SOMETHING – before, during, after…some thing that has taken away the ‘greatest’ part…because its not been pure, or perfect etc. My happy place is ‘the carrot’ (blogged here)that’s as pure as it gets

My Nominees for the Hug Award – I KNOW you guys could use a hug recently -hope things are looking up xxx: ignorance is bliss – Mo has had some sad news with regards to his grandfather…but good news about his aunt…swings and roundabouts :/ Definitely in need of a hug xx

Nominees for the Dragon Loyalty Award: (You like dragons right? 😉 ) (Didn’t think I’d forgotten you did you?)


The Rose of Kindness Award

Rose Of Kindness

Rose Of Kindness

This amazing award is created by Tersia

‘Let’s all think about “kindness” and make it our goal to perform just one special act of kindness every day!  It has to be a special act of kindness that actually takes an effort. Vic was a kind and generous person.  Her legacy is one of kindness and generosity.  So I have come up with an award… The Rose of Kindness Award.  I would like to add that we need to remember that our existence here is fragile, and we never have as much time with people as we think we do. If there is someone or someone’s out there that you love, don’t neglect that and don’t put off engaging with them because death waits for no-one…  Be kind and gentle.  Cherish your relationships remember to be kind….  Pay it forward!’

Rules of the Rose of Kindness Award:
Add the  Rose of Kindness Award on your blog
Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
Nominate 13 bloggers whose kindness you have experienced
Post why you are nominating each of your nominees
Let the  nominees know that you nominated them
Suggest one special act of kindness that the world may benefit from
My nominees are:

I’ll do better than suggest an act I will link to the post I wrote for the RCC blog on this exact topic last week….


And finally the Very Inspiring Blogger Award Http://

Very Inspiring Blogger

Very Inspiring Blogger

The rules
List 7 random facts
Nominate up to 15 people for it.
7 Facts about me
1 Tomorrow I will be driving a van (full of people) and I am nervous as hell
2 Yesterday I celebrated one year of rupture-free ovaries
3 I miss my blonde hair
4 Payday cannot come soon enough
5 I am bored of writing this looooong post
6 Its only 9pm and almost time for bed :/ (early start)
7 I have no battery on my phone and really wanted to do some e-reading before nodding off…but my charger cable isn’t long enough boooooooo



*wipes brow*

I THINK I got everything done 🙂
Thank you all again (Thank you thank you thank you)and Congrats all to the nominees – As always please don’t feel obliged to pass them on, just know I am thinking of you 🙂



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And the award for the most award nominations in one post goes to….

As I mentioned  last week – I’ve been nominated for a few more awards -yay 🙂

Thank you to Charles for nominating me for the Seed of Light Award AND for the Semper Fidelis Award Which I’ve never heard of before but Charles kindly wrote ‘Fighter to the end, Always coming back stronger, Glad she’s on my side’  Aww – Thank you again.
Also Thank you to Patty for nominating me for the Lovely Blog Award AND The Influential Blogger Award
So thank YOU again 🙂 I am honoured

So…lets get going. As always if you are nominated please do not feel obliged to do anything with your award – just know I appreciate your blogging presence so thank you all. ALSO I’m going to try not to double up people and awards for the record…I’d probably award all 4 awards to all nominees. Finally…CAN ONE OF THE FOLLOWING NOMINEES PLEASE CLARIFY WHETHER OR NOT YOU RECIEVED A NOTIFICATION FOR THIS POST.

Seed of Light Award:


‘Planting is easy: if you receive this award, simply pass it on to another blogger who inspires you through the beauty of their words/images as well as any blog which brings joyful awareness to nature and our connection to each other.’

This one does not say how many bloggers so….I’m opting for just one and that is How could I NOT nominate you for this? You have connected so many of us with the RCC… Thank you


The Semper Fidelis Award:

Semper Fidelis is Latin and means Always Loyal. Loyalty means the world to me. I am very loyal myself, but I’ve got major trust issues as well. And I think trust is very important if you are sharing so much of yourself with people you meet through the internet. So I am working on that! 🙂
Why the wolves? Because wolves have very strong ties with their pack. Like a family or a great group of friends. And I just love them!
This award stands for the loyalty and love between friends.
The Rules:

  •     Add the Semper Fidelis Award logo somewhere on your blog.
  •     Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  •     Nominate 5 bloggers who’s loyalty and friendship you value and you consider being part of your ‘pack of wolves’ on WordPress.
  •     Post something special for each one of your nominees  and dedicate it to them. This can be a quote, saying, poem, picture, anything you think that would fit that person.
  •     Let the nominees know that you’ve nominated them.

My 5 nominees for the Semper Fidelis Award: OF COURSE! Leader of my pack (I know I know but shh and accept it lol) Always Hope! 🙂 Produced THE best comment of all time ‘idiot girl’ (not you lol) Check out Kira for the 411 …I found you Wyndy 🙂

One Lovely Blog Award:

The rules for One Lovely Blog Award are:

  •     Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
  •     Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back.
  •     Share 7 random things about yourself.
  •     Nominate 7 blogs with the award, a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.
  •     Copy and paste the award on your blog somewhere.

7 things about me:

  1. I was born blonde but am currently reddish brown…hoping to remove the red ASAP
  2. I am a(part time) personal assistant and love it 🙂
  3. I LOVE caramel lattes and mochas
  4. I was so bored last week I baked 3 different kinds of cake in less than 24 hours…maybe hubbys gym comment had some reason
  5. I got a lot of organising done at home this weekend and feel SO much better for it
  6. I have so many post ideas that I don’t know when or how I am going to write them down in any kind of logical order
  7. I have no idea how I am going to nominate so many people in one go without confusing myself or upsetting someone by missing them lol

Nominees for the Lovely Blog Award: Not sure if its an award-y type blog but hopefully a few of you followers will check it out -well worth it 🙂 (and it IS lovely)

Most Influential Blogger Award


  • Display the award logo on your blog.
  • Link back to the person who nominated you.
  • Answer 7 questions.
  • Nominate ( no limit of nominations ) other bloggers for this award and link back to them.
  • Notify those bloggers of the award requirements.

The 7 questions:
1-If you could create your planet what would it look like? Like the sweet world in wreck it Ralph…but all fat/calorie free
2-If you could visit one nation you have never visited before, what nation would that be? The united…Nation…? Alien…Nation? No…? Lol
3-Have you ever taken a long distance train trip? Yup I went to Venice (from UK) on a coach once…24 hours it took…that’s a long ass trip lol Aside from that Jamaica…America…
4-What is something you would collectively change about humanity? A shed load more honesty
5-What is your favourite song? 30 Seconds to Mars -The Kill
6-If you could meet one person who is still alive who would you choose to meet? JB!! From JLS…I’d hug him, lick his face and then knee him in the balls for letting the group split!
7-If you could choose one symbol to represent you, what would that symbol be and why? Piranha? Cause if you piss me off I’ll eat you alive! lol OOORRRR a Labrador… kind, loyal and helpful but barks at things on TV, chews up your stuff if you ignore me and poos in your shoe if you wind me up.

Nominees for the Influential Blogger Award:
Everyone in the RCC

Phew…Thank you again and congrats to all



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Wonderful Team Member Award



I’ve been nominated by Charles -My recent duet partner – for the wonderful team member award
So thank you very much Charles 🙂

The rules are as follows;
1.The Nominee of the Wonderful Team member Readership Award shall display the logo on his/her blog.
2.The Nominee shall nominate 14 readers they appreciate over a period of 7 days, all at once or little by little.
3.The Nominee shall name his/her Wonderful Team Member Readership Award nominees on a post or on posts during 7 days.

OR basically…
Over a period of 7 days (1 week), the Nominee shall nominate a number of readers that he or she appreciates – this can be done at any rate during the week. It can be all on one day or a few on one day and a few on another day, as most convenient to the Nominee.
The Nominee shall name his or her Wonderful Team Member Readership Award nominees on a post or on posts during the 7 day (1 week) period.

I’m going to nominate all in one go as I know I’ll end up stressing about doing them throughout the week so…..
Nominees: We started off to a bit of a rocky start…but now I couldn’t imagine blog life without him 🙂 Sent me a rather lovely email a few days ago…which was a pleasant surprise considering has usually a ranter 😉 (Yes if you want to be nominated nice emails, chocolates…money…. they all help the cause 😉 ) Inspirational…and says it how it is (usually with a profound and positive twist) Well… I must say I was surprised (and impressed) by a few punchy comments on my recent posts. 😉 You cant spell wonderful team member without (green) EMBER (s)…FACT (luckily lol) If there’s anyone who knows about teams…well this is your guy Cause I know you LOVE awards…and I’ve told you I’m never going to let you forget how much you make my blog worth…well.. blogging 🙂 The Re-blog QUEEN! So supportive, such good fun and just an all round pleasure to have in my blogging world My original duet partner 🙂 Thank you for introducing me to such a fun idea Strong, funny yet heartbreaking insight into marital issues. I feel we can relate to each other and have a lot in common (which is rather sad considering the reasons lol but comforting nonetheless) Beautiful, sweet posts. Been wondering where you’ve been and now I see you have been feeling down…so hopefully knowing you’re thought of makes you feel at least a LITTLE bit better 🙂 Well I couldn’t very well leave you out could i? 😉 Check out his blog people! I feel like we’re old friends xx You will always be my own personal cheerleader 🙂 Haven’t seen any recent posts from you…are you still knee deep in haggis?

I wish I could nominate everyone, I’ve tried to mix it up a bit with my nominees this time…a bit lol. I’ve seen many posts where people say ‘JUST TAKE IT IF YOU WANT IT!!!’ I’m always tempted but I usually feel too cheeky to do so lol so if you WOULD like this award… then consider it awarded…to you… from me 🙂 (cheques addressed to….)

BTW: I am still waaaay behind with my reader so although I may not have visited your blog lately I do appreciate all the comments and support you send my way and I WILL be seeing you soon . In the mean time if you aren’t aware of some of the blogs above please visit them…you wont be disappointed 🙂

So…Thank you again Charles 🙂


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Motivation Mo…oh erm..Tuesday: Pick n Mix

Pick 'n' Mix II

Pick ‘n’ Mix II (Photo credit: nzbuu)

A mixture of things I’ve ticked off the goals list in the past week and things I want to add to the new one 🙂

Well, I survived the motherships inspection yesterday. The house was nice and clean, clutter was gone and I felt good as she walked in the door… My husband later mentioned our house inspection happening later this week to which she looked at me and replied ‘oh so are you going to have a bit of a tidy up then?’….*dies inside* Aside from that it was actually a nice, relaxed visit so that’s something. Regardless she did motivate me to clean before her visit so that’s one less thing to do, I just need to keep on top of it and scrub a little harder.

I finally made the dentist appointment… It’s not for another week and a half but it’s scheduled… And that’s just the “cleaning”… They’re then going to schedule me for a bunch of follow up shit (urgh)

The Boxes are done…according to my husband… but I’ve just seen a few more hiding away so I’ll (we will) do them this week.

Blogging awards, I’ve been nominated for the super sweet blog award – twice. So thank you John at fiction favourites  And Writing the Body
I’ve also been awarded the leibster award by Helena at The Magic Black Book (Thank you)
I will do an official post later this week … It’s on the goal list now so it’s got to be done lol.

Stuff for me:
I started off a nice little tan yesterday and god it feels nice. My grandad is Indian so I used to go really dark really quickly without having to spend much time in it. I would have tan lines for a whole year after… Now I’m older (and haven’t been out of the country in almost 5 years) my skin doesn’t react to it as well, its harder to get tanned or keep it so… This week I’m going to top my tan… SLOWLY (if British weather allows it) and enjoy being outside for a change. I may as well seeing as I’m work free for another week.

I had a phone date with my best friend last week. She had had a shit day and needed a rant so text telling me to get the baileys out and we set a time to talk. It was actually really nice to hear her problems (as bad as that sounds) what I mean is it’s nice to know that despite all this marriage shit going on with me she KNOWS that I’m still here for her. She knows I still have the capacity to take in her problems, listen and comfort her and that made me feel better… Knowing that someone out there still values me as a friend, as a confidant and she doesn’t see my marital issues as a benchmark for my judgement or advice.

On top of that it was nice to just have a conversation that wasn’t about me or him, it was nice to have a laugh (and a drink) … to socialise despite physical distance.This was our second “date” since September and it really does need to happen more often… So that’s one of my goals. Schedule another date.

I’m all over the place with these blogs (as you can probably tell) and Ive got so many comments to reply to so hopefully I’ll be back on track soon



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