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Motivation Muesday

I am now a member :)

I am now a member 🙂

Well…its not Monday anymore… but screw it.
I’ve had a really up and down week (or more) but I managed to tick some of my goals off. Actually writing these posts – as unmotivated as I feel at the time really does help because its so easy to forget what I HAVE achieved during a shitty week so writing them down is kind of like an ‘oh yeah’ moment where you feel a little better afterwards 🙂

Last week I finished one of the books I was reading so one aim for the next week is to review it on here and finally do an Amazon review as promised. I am now starting the next one and so far I like it (even though I’m only a few pages in lol) I’m waiting for a time where I can sit and read a good chunk at my leisure rather than squeezing bits in here and there and only half paying attention so hopefully I’ll get to do that soon 🙂

I made my counselling appointment with the newbie…actually I went one step further and had a full blown session with her there and then…I survived and it was actually good to be surprised with it. It meant I didn’t have the time to fret about it beforehand (or chicken out and cancel) I will write about that more later on…regardless I like her and have the next one booked in the next week or so 🙂

I got paid...I went shopping…I practically forced myself to BUY something to wear as for the first hour or so I wandered around picking things up and then convincing myself I didn’t need or want them and leaving empty handed. I’m so not used to treating myself lol but I ended up with a sweet dress, some practical stuff and a bunch of stuff for other people lol. I still have some set aside for hubbys birthday AND more just ‘in the account’ Saying that its been less than a week ha ha but it feels nice to be able to run out for some milk without counting the pennies and checking the account so I think I’ll be able to curb my spending and stick to what I need- we shall see.

Attempt 1

Attempt 1

Attempt 2

Attempt 2

Also I have been practicing baking and decorating cakes in preparation for his birthday cake. I started with one layer of basic marble cake so it’s a bit flat lol but I just wanted to try icing it… my first attempt was terrible lol HOWEVER I didn’t have a rolling pin so… what’s that saying about blaming their tools? It tasted bloody amazing though!

The second attempt I played with cherries which actually dried the cake out a bit (as did putting it in the fridge) but the decorating improved a bit. Next time I’m going to do 2 layers (stacked) with cream and jam in the middle…mmmmm wish me luck lol

The Shine On Award

I was recently nominated for the Shine On Award by Writing The Body  (Thank you very much 🙂 ) Of course it comes with rules -post it, link back, nominate 15 bloggers and share 7 random things about yourself. As always do what you wish with the award…I always do lol

Shine On Award

Shine On Award

7 random things:
I don’t like ice cream
Today I am bloated
I SHOULD be doing housework right now
I reverse parked a disabled van last week and still feel proud of myself
I haven’t bitten my nails for over a month
I keep having nightmares lately :/
I wouldn’t mind going back to bed today

1.  Rank these kinds of weather from best to worst: Sunny and hot, misty and cold, rain and cool, snow, ice, windy
My answers: Sunny and hot – Rain and cool – Windy – Misty and cold- snow – ice
2.  Do you like outdoor music festivals?
My answer: No.  Hate them,
3.  Do you like drinking water?
My answer: yes, it used to be all I drank (apart from alcohol lol) but over the last few years tea and coffee has taken over so now it has to be ice cold
4.  Favourite alcoholic drink
My answer: Vodka and coke or baileys
5.  Best drug experience
My answer: I overdosed once (pain meds) when I was a teenager and the hallucinations were hilarious – dangerous of course and stupid and that would never happen again.
6.  Most fun while not taking anything
My answer: lol I don’t ‘take anything’ so I suppose most things that are meant to be fun…
7.  Greatest sorrow:
My answer: 2013

EVERY ONE OF YOU…yes you! I can’t choose a handful of you -especially as I haven’t caught up with anyone on here lately and so many of you inspire me in different ways so I want ALL of YOU to shine on 🙂
If you want this award…you are welcome to it…You deserve it 🙂

My goals for this week:

  • I have been sent 2,000 vinyl singles…yup 2,000! Which I need to sort through and try and sell somewhere… any ideas?
  • I need to get some of these thoughts written down and blogged as they’re taking over my mind a little
  • I will make that double layer cake and it will be great
  • I will be careful with my spending
  • Read & Review


  • I am happy that my cakes are improving
  • I am happy I got to blog today
  • I am thankful for my best friend from home being just a phone call away



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Pay it forward….

PIF - Pay it Forward

PIF – Pay it Forward (Photo credit: amitaf)

The dental recovery is going well -actually today its fine but I’m milking it and have spent this morning catching up with more bloggers- don’t judge me 😉

Like my last catch up session – posted here– I feel so much better after visiting some of my favourite blogs and falling in love with them all over again…remembering why I followed them…remembering why trawling through my reader is worth it…reminding me WHY I love blogging. So, like last time, I am now going to highlight the blogs visited and pay it forward

Mocha at LiveUntil wrote a great post about fate, coincidence…things happening for a reason which I believe strongly about Mocha, you inspire me, your words fill me with hope, with light and I hope you realise exactly how much happiness you bring to others – thank you xB

Petite Magique recently celebrated an anniversary – so congrats to you 🙂 and also wrote a piece about tattoos which got me thinking, this post has inspired a future blog post for me so thank you 🙂

Ionia has taken a well deserved break/vacation which allowed me to stalk her blog quite freely 😉 One thing which stands out for me is how much she supports other writers with her interviews, reviews and just general interest from Ionia…not to mention the interaction through comments, the community storyboard… So now its my turn to pay it forward and suggest some of Ionias ‘writing attempts’ lol Thank you Ionia for playing such a massive part in my blogging world xB

Writing the body  (whom nominated me recently and I’ve just remembered I still haven’t posted it myself) always amazes me, such honest writing and beautiful poems – even when drunk 😉

The Crazy Nigerian (that’s the name of his blog – not me being harsh lol) has recently appeared…no no that’s not right… erm he’s been heard on the radio discussing his  book! whoop whoop Which I am so excited about! Well done you 🙂

Jesus Likes Pizza wrote about the perfect love which I found beautifully inspiring – thank you for sharing your faith xx

I FINALLY got over to visit GreenEmbers and discovered the truth about Amazon… its actually rather disgusting…and senseless in my opinion (Amazon not the post lol) Bradley…I will say this again…you are amazing, you are an inspiration and not only that but you have single handedly (is that a word?) given us the RCC… you have given so many people encouragement…that’s all down to you…thank you

Wyndy has had a tough time lately and I don’t like it one bit!! -well I DID ‘like’ her post but shhh. Wyndy, chin up lady, you are loved and we are behind you – regardless of less reblogs/blog posts/comments… we all have our own lives outside of the blogging world, we all understand how hard it can be to find the balance so please don’t apologise for being AWOL for a little while… just know we are here for you xB

Charles wrote recently of changes in his hometown which hit a nerve with me, His poem captured my feelings about it beautifully; he’s also got a book out so well done Charles, I hope to read it soon and everyone…everyone…go buy his book!! 🙂

Cathy has been staying true to form and posting beautiful photographs and poetry, this one is my favourite, so simple, so beautiful…

Donna – my very own cheerleader (twit twoo) has been off roaming Scotland and hunting for her muse Come back soon Donna! I miss you 🙂

I have SOOOOO many more blogs to get through -so bear with me- but for now its about time I got dressed and attacked some of my other goals for this week -oh yeah and then there’s the small matter of housework *groan*

So…. Thank you all for continuing to write amazing pieces



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Motivation Monday: Rollercoaster Ride

I am now a member :)

I am now a member 🙂

Happy Monday everyone 🙂
I’ve had a busy week or so (posted about here if anyone’s interested) and this next week is set to be a rollercoaster….

Today I have my last counselling session with my current counsellor. I’m anxious about it, I’m really worried I’m going to cry when its time to say goodbye…like this is actually goodbye …forever! I’ve been thinking…it amazes me how he can walk away from this situation (not like that but…) and carry on without knowing how it ends. That would drive me insane! Lol I know they’re trained for stuff and they don’t get emotionally involved etc and I’m not the most important person in the world etc but still… does that mean all counsellors are capable of putting down a good book 3 chapters from the end and never even googling to find out the ending? Lol I suppose this is why I couldn’t be a counsellor – despite him telling me (repeatedly) I should consider it. The other reason I’m anxious is because saying goodbye to him means saying hello to a brand new counsellor at some point in the next few weeks…and seeing as there IS NO turnover/hand-over point (trust me…I’ve asked…there are no notes, no meetings nothing) I will have to tell the newbie my whole situation…from the start…in detail! Maybe I should just send him a link to my blog and wait for him to contact me once he’s caught up lol

Tomorrow I have THE dentist appointment…the biggie! (posted here) I have booked 2 days off work to recover…or just lay there and die for a few days. I don’t think I would be any good to anyone turning up miserable, unable to talk and drugged up to my eyeballs. Its not even anything massive being done to my mouth – well the equivalent of 4 fillings in one go… but seeing as my migraines have been full force over the last few weeks I’m kind of pre-empting their strike and covering my arse.

Wednesday…I will be recovering and I have planned to spend the day getting some posts written up – finally. I have so many ideas and brainstorms for posts but its just a case of writing them all down. Also since sorting out my bosses house – SO many trips to the charity shop…to the point where the women who work there no longer bother hiding their ‘urgh’ faces at the sight of more bags of clothing… I have been inspired to sort out my own. I have loads of clothes I don’t wear, I’ve kept some ‘just in case’ for years now…so whilst drugged up I will sort through them at my leisure and hopefully I’ll feel a little lighter all round after that.

ThursdayI am going with hubby to meet HIS therapist! I am nervous as hell…firstly because I don’t know what she’s going to say. The last time I went into a room with my husband and a professional was the day that hubby told me the truth and dropped his bombshell (posted here) so I’m sure you can understand why I’m a bit anxious, in the back of my mind I’ll be walking into a room with those two already knowing what’s coming and he will drop another one…. BUT apparently I’m going because she wants to meet me and has done from day one – to get my thoughts and everything else I suppose. Secondly I’m worried about dropping him into it and telling her things they haven’t covered yet or he’s not comfortable with; I spoke to my counsellor about it and he laughed and said its funny how much I put on my own shoulders and how responsible I feel. He reassured me she’s ready for most things and that I need to be honest to help my husband AND myself. Also its going to be hard going into a new surrounding and meeting a new person as I’m so used to my counsellor and his little room…lots of changes…Beth doesn’t like change lol (how ironic!)

Friday I am meeting up with a blogging friend…that’s right Beetley Pete (and his lovely wife 🙂 ) I’m excited and nervous as its our first meeting but more excited than anything else, I get to get out and see someone outside of my house and job and just be a human for a few hours! No secrets, Pete has known me (in the blog world) before AND after the bombshell, he’s read me at my worst, he knows my secrets…I think that’s a good thing ha ha Plus there’s coffee involved so… its win win in my book lol

Over the weekend we have a friends leaving DO so another excuse to dress up and get out for a while 🙂

My Goals:

  • I am itching to do a new course and now I have a regular income I’m considering signing up to one however apparently I’m meant to do a manual handling course for my job anyway so that could scratch that itch for now. Either way I want to research options for the future and find out when/where/how to do the work related one
  • Throw out some clothes as mentioned above
  • Get some blogging done including my next instalment for the character post on The MisAdventures of Vanilla, The community storyboard and another RCC post  <— my latest posts on those are linked here if anyones missed them. I caught up with a handful of blogs over the weekend and loved it so I’m going to aim to catch up with maybe 2 or 3 a day (start small considering the other goals) and I’ve still got those awards to pass on too.
  • Keep learning how to spell words -posted about here– I learned how to spell necessary and definitely over the last week and I’m (embarrassingly) proud of myself lol
  • Get a photo of me, Pete and Mrs Pete (that OK with you Pete?) I’m loving my photos at the moment… making new memories I suppose rather than pretending that nothing has happened and nothing is happening, I like to remind myself that I have moved forward in the past few months, that I am doing things for ME now and photos are my way of doing that 🙂

I think that should do it


  • I am thankful for plans, making plans, making lists, being organised…getting through them and ticking them off…accomplishments and small victories
  • I am proud of myself for recognising the changes ahead…but aiming to kick the shit out of them and roll with it
  • I am happy I’ve had some time to do things I enjoy lately (inc blogging) and that I will have some more time to continue this week

Hope you all have a great week 🙂



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Just thought I’d let you know…

Pile of old books.

Pile of old books. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve missed you!… I have spent this evening attempting to catch up on my reader…PROPERLY. This means actually taking the time to read more than on post on each blog I have clicked, liking  them, commenting and ENJOYING them!

I have missed this so much lately and I feel good to have gotten through a few blogs tonight….still a long way to go. I have given up trying to read everyone’s and settled for clicking through my ‘blogs I follow’ list looking at one at a time rather than rushing through them.

One thing I have noticed is how some blogs I follow only post maybe once every other month…never reply to comments…or just bore the living shit out of me lol…I mean this in the nicest way possible but some I read and think why on earth did I follow you? (I’m sure people think the same when they come across my blog lol) I have nothing in common with you, we never interact…was it at a time when I felt guilty for NOT following back? Some just clog up my reader with too many posts meaning I often miss out on the ones I enjoy reading….

What are your opinions on ‘unfollowing’? is there an etiquette? Do you unfollow blogs? I remember reading a post about someone who had just lost a follower and they couldn’t understand why the ‘unfollowee’ didn’t just ignore their posts in the reader… but I get it. I don’t want to have to ignore them THAT feels ruder (is that a word?) than unfollowing…

Back to the ones I enjoy…

Like I said I have taken my time this evening catching up (apologies to the LOADS that’s I haven’t got to tonight) but I thought I could mention the ones I have visited… Zoë has been through some shit lately, She’s had some incredible guest posts which actually bought me to tears and some really informative stuff about boundaries… I learnt a lot tonight…so thank you. you are amazingly strong, you’re inspirational and you deserve so much good stuff its unreal! There is ALWAYS hope and I am so proud of you! Pete…He has recently celebrated his one year blogging anniversary – or bloggerversary if you will ….so congrats Pete! He also took a trip in a time machine…:) You are a legend! <— FACT. The blogging world would not be the same without you and I thank you so much for all the support you have given me over the past year. I love your posts – though as you know some topics are not to my taste (or just go over my head) but I rate your passion for it and I always look forward to reading them…keep at it 🙂 (As ever…) I learnt about armadillos…need i say more? Really made me smile visiting this blog this evening 🙂 What a woman! You should be so proud of yourself (though I’m pretty sure you know this and already are 😉 ) For those who don’t know…Olivia is an author…her first novel  ‘Dawning’ will be released this summer (July I believe so not long now!!!) It’s a Historical Romance set in the Scottish Highlands. How cool is that!? I may have to smash my piggy bank and buy it once its out but for now all I can do is help by letting the people that read my posts know about hers! She is fantastic…lots of interesting author-ish posts with reviews and interviews and of course exciting news about her upcoming release 🙂 If you aren’t already familiar with Olivia and her writing…well… go check out her blog!! 😉 Have you thought about what photo would be used if you were to go missing? I hadn’t…doggys style has… I WISH I had time to read these regularly…like daily because I miss them and they’re always such a pleasure to read so thank you for staying hilarious -even in my absence 😉 – I’m glad I could come and visit tonight

I am off to bed now and looking forward to catching up with some more of you tomorrow

Night blogging world



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To any followers of my old blog…


Padlock. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just a quickie….(always makes me giggle)

I changed my old blog to ‘private’ recently; I figured it isn’t worth having open to new followers etc as I don’t go on there anymore AND I also thought I should probably cover my arse as there are a few things on there (unsent letters etc) that could do without being revealed or dug up in the future.

Could someone please tell me whether you -as a follower- can still view the blog in question or not.

I wasn’t sure whether it became private to everyone or whether people who follow me/I follow can still see it and its only newbies who cant…etc etc

I don’t want to delete it as I MIGHT revisit it one day and start it back up or just keep it to look back at myself etc.

Thanks in advance



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I’ve found myself with a backlog again with regards to posts, reading and comments so apologies if I haven’t replied as fast as normal recently… I’m getting on it this eve so… Be patient lol

See you soon

Meanwhile ….

20130507-043700 PM.jpg


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Awards :)

This post is long overdue…so…HERE IT IS 🙂

I have been awarded 2 awards – by 3 different bloggers so thank you all so much 🙂

So, first up is the Family Award

family awardAward Description:

“This is an award for everyone who is part of the “WordPress Family” I started this award on the basis that the WordPress family has taken me in, and showed me love and a caring side only WordPress can show. The way people take a second to be nice, to answer a question and not make things a competition amazes me here. I know I have been given many awards, but I wanted to leave my own legacy on here by creating my own award, as many have done before. This represents “Family” we never meet, but are there for us as family. It is my honour to start this award.”

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you:
Wrestling Life:
Petite Magique:
(Thank you both 🙂 )
3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family:

Of course these nominations are probably going to be repeats of previous nominees…because you’re my blogging family; you’re the ones I feel (the most) comfortable (ish) around and I’m going to pass on the love (deal with it 😉 )
BeetleyPete….THE DADDY of my blog world. If I piss off Pete…I know I’m in trouble
Behind the mask of abuse -ALWAYS hope 😉
Donna – My cheerleader
Green Embers – You keep me motivated…naturally 😉
Mocha -Off to a bumpy start but it didn’t take long for me to realise that this guy is rather profound and insightful. He keeps me on the straight and narrow
Doggys style – Never far away 🙂
Crazy Bunny – your turn to do an award post 😉
(Oh did I not get to 10? Oh well…lol)

4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them (I’m relying on pingbacks)
5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people that have taken you as a friend, and spread the love.

Next up is the Interesting Blog Award -Created AND nominated by Crazy Bunny – Thanking you sweets. Check out her blog -

Interesting blogRules:
1. Thank the person who nominated you -Thank you Crazy bunny 😉

2. List 5 random facts about yourself
*I am 5,5
*I am currently wearing dinosaur claw slippers
*And watching ‘the voice’ while writing this
*And thinking of what to eat
*AND am considering whether or not I would ‘do’ that guy from the script


3. Nominate a minimum of 5 blogs for the award
Wrestling Life
Petite Magique
Hasty Words
Fat Bottom Girl

4. Answer the 5 questions and Ask the nominees 5 questions of your choice
MY Answers:
a. Why did you start your blog? I needed an outlet for some rather personal (but not too personal to stop me blogging it lol) marriage issues…so here I am
b. What was the most embarrassing situation you have ever been in?
On my wedding night I was peer pressured into taking a triple shot of jager…lifting the cup with no hands…from my new husbands lap…whilst wearing an ivory dress (classy or what!?) I failed, I had to take more than one go and I still cringe to this day…I then went back to the hotel and vommed ALL night…sexy ha ha. Oh well that will teach them 😉
c. If you were to win 1 million Euro/Dollar/Pounds (whatever), what would be the first thing you’d do? First I would give my mum some money to pay her back (in part) for all the drinks she paid for at uni lol then Id do sensible stuff like get a house and stock up on all the boring things I always need to save up for…a decent new razor…a good haircut and colour…a boob job?
d. What’s your favourite past-time and why? Photoshop…because the impossible becomes possible when Photoshop is involved lol. Either that or drawing/blogging…call of duty… expression/release
e. Describe yourself in 5 sentences or less.
Hmmm, that would depend on my mood while writing this lol. In general (off my blog) I am a little bit crazy (usually the good kind) rather random, I love to laugh. I am a worrier, a lover, a fighter and I am often surprised by my own determination and strength. Physically I am 5,5, average weight/build, brown eyes and brunette…though I’m usually (and was born) blonde 😉

My questions to you:
What song is stuck in your head?
If looking at a bed…which side do you HAVE to sleep on? Or are you a starfish?
Dinosaurs or dragons?
What’s the biggest life lesson you have learnt so far?
How many men does it take to change a light bulb?

5. And finally, let them know you have nominated them
Hopefully the pingbacks will do that…

Phew…I got there in the end, so Thank you all and Congrats to the ‘nominees’ (Please dont feel obliged to do any of the above…just know Im thinking of you 🙂 )



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Making an ASS of U and ME

English: Symbol for one that is both male and ...

English: Symbol for one that is both male and female (hermaphrodite). Français : Symbole pour tout ce qui est male et femelle à la fois (hermaphrodite). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been wondering about this recently and figured I may as well post it now – if only for the sake of  lifting the mood a little.

Reading blogs on my phone I have come to recognise gravatars – as you do- from comments or just the blog posts themselves.However going from that to the actual site and seeing the layouts, fonts and colours that go with each of your blogs has well and truly thrown me… Why? Because I didn’t for a second ever question whether you were male or female – not that it matters of course.

I then remembered that none of us know anything about each other (physically) really, aside from those whom actually post photos of themselves of course; and that  is the beauty of blogging I suppose… and yet with those bloggers whom are a little more camera shy we still make up images of what the faces behind the blogs actually look like.

Take beetlypete for example (sorry Pete) He’s a legend, I feel like I know him, he’s part of my blogging family and – despite never having seen him- I have an image of what he looks like in my mind. But the reality could be entirely different, he could be a 6ft 6 Mexican woman for all I know (though the recent mention of his penis would suggest otherwise lol) but regardless it wouldn’t matter- it’s just strange how we put 2 and 2 together and come out with whatever we want.

It’s like in any book I suppose, you envisage the character in your own way (and are usually disappointed by the actor or actress who portrays them in the film because it’s not what you imagined) but then most books describe the characters physical appearance… Or at least hint at it, just like with Pete, he’s given clues as to what he looks like, he’s blogged openly about his marriage and he’s mentioned on numerous occasions that he’s a man. Of course he could be lying for all we know but that’s another issue which I daren’t get into considering my experience of being fooled by people lol

Some bloggers don’t though, they don’t mention their sex …but it’s done in such a way that you don’t notice it… Until now mwahahaha

I remember at school we read the  book “stig of the dump” I don’t recall the story line at all but you don’t realise until the end that there has been no confirmation of whether the character is male or female, you just assume the whole way through and then get a surprise at the end (sorry for those who were waiting to read it lol)

So, back on point… Just out of interest…Who are you? Or in other words are you male or female? OR are you trying to keep it a secret?

For anyone out there wondering….I am female



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Comments from today…

A letter of explanation

A letter of explanation (Photo credit: ~Aphrodite)


Just a quickie (oi oi)


I have been away from the laptop all day, fighting off THE migraine from hell for the past 24 hours (grrrrr) and am just pretty emotionally drained really (get the violins out 😉 )


Anyway, I AM alive and have been notified of (and have therefore read) any comments from you today.


However, after the recent (and SO frustrating) App flop on my phone I dont feel confident replying to comments on there so….


Thank you all, I HAVE read them, I DO appreciate them (and you for writing them lol) and I WILL reply to all of them once my vision returns and I get more than a few minutes to concentrate on a response…so hopefully tomorrow after a good nights sleep and a bucketload of headache pills (or just the recommended dose)


I also pinky promise to swing by and catch up on my reader a little…it is the weekend after all…and you dont mess with a pinky promise!


See you on the other side


Night World



(please ignore any typos Im too tired xx)



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