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Fork in the road

This evenings contribution to the Community Storyboard xBx

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Angel Cakes & Devil Dogs

I’m not sure whether the idea of ‘duets’ (Writing a poem WITH another blogger) was one of HastyWords‘ babies or whether its a general blogging thing but regardless, after our duet (here) last week I feel I ought to thank her for introducing me to the world of duet-ing (is that a word?) So thanks hun 😉
It inspired me to get poetic with another blogger…Charles from Legends of Windemere So here goes….

Angel V Devil

Angel V Devil

Angel Cakes & Devil Dogs

Don’t you want it?
Aren’t you tempted?
I’ll help you decide
Just a little
Don’t resist it
I’ll be by your side
Do you trust me?
Then ignore her
I know what you need
And it isn’t that
Put faith in my words
I’ll never leave your side
Did you hear him?
He wants to trick you
You don’t need that kind of friend
Stick with me
Let’s have some fun
He’ll leave you in the end
She’s talking about herself
You know her type
Don’t fall for her lies again
She will lead you to fun
Then abandon you in need
Without bail money
Ha! Common sense?
Its a given right
To enjoy the path you choose
Take the risk
Just once wont hurt
Its win/win -you cant lose
Maybe you’ve forgotten
You promised you would stop
This is a path you left
Proud to cast it to your past
I insist that you tell her to shut up
Before you fall back down
You let him talk to you like that?
Sounds desperate
Stick with me
I’m more relaxed
No pressure here
What will be will be
Don’t come bitchin’ to me
When your belt explodes
And your gut blocks your toes
I’m sure your wife will be fine
It’s only a broken promise
And a decimated diet


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