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Loving this poem…


I am here for you

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Lessons of your past…inspired by my thumb


heal? (Photo credit: atomicity)


All this recent grating of thumbs (see here) and talk of (emotional) healing have got me thinking of the similarities of the two…

With the initial cut
The truth flows out
It stings

In defence you cover it
To stop the stream
To buy some time

The shield comes off
Ripped off or gently peeled

The raw wound is exposed
You have to face it
Let it air
Allow it to breathe

At first it’s alien
To look at- to feel
You avoid moving it
Too scared to hurt again

But in time it gets easier
You adjust
You accept it
And slowly the wound Shrinks

It starts to itch
Reminding you that it’s there
To be careful in future

But it’s healing Slowly
And soon all that will remain
Is a numb scar
A battle wound

In time
Even that will fade
But its still there to remind you
Just less fresh

It becomes a part of you
A permanent mark
Of your journey
Of the lessons
Of your past


Inspired by my thumb and written as part of NaPoWriMo

Dont forget to check out some of the other participants…(below)



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Cock Blocked

"No cock block"

“No cock block” (Photo credit: dharder9475)

Cock Blocked

My phone
Likes to cock-block me

Replies don’t send
To blogging friends
This makes me unhappy

Laptop time
And in I sign
To the wordpress site

A real test
It gets me stressed
I’ll try tomorrow night


Written as part of NaPoWriMo after a frustrating few days of my phone refusing to send any comments I’ve made throughout the day so apologies if you haven’t heard back from me for a day or 2…I am still here and I will catch up soon



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A Real Treat

Well….its true…and it makes me feel a little better (we laughed today…A LOT 🙂 ) xB


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Another fabulous poem ….

‘Just because someone doesnt love you the way you want them to…doesnt mean they dont love you with everything they have’

Blah Blah Blog

The way you love me
every day by saying you do
sending me notes just
to say so

The way you love me
making me laugh a lot
whether I want to
or not

The way you love me
sharing the daily load
as we together
walk this road

The way you love me
more every day
I love that you
love me this way

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Grater (Photo credit: teachernz)

Be careful later
With your cheese grater
Maybe get help
From mum

As it wasn’t great
When my grater ate
Half my fucking



Written as part of NaPoWriMo

Check out the other participants below 🙂


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Poem: Choose

Yet another powerful and relevant poem…show some love 🙂




Thanks for visiting! I love to hear your thoughts! Comments! I mean comments! (imagine, hearing someone’s thoughts all the time! I’m already getting crazy from my own!) 🙂

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