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Writing Challenge: Papa Says -About Me

BethAt uni we were asked to compose a few paragraphs and then edit it down to make a few sentences which then became our personal statement, well this weeks writing challenge is all about reducing needless text when writing so all of that came flooding back. It suggested taking an old post and heavily editing one paragraph to see what you are left with; so…I went as old as I could…back to the start…my about me page


‘So this is my blog, firstly explaining the back story (which by the way I have done in separate posts, as trying to condense over a years worth of stuff into one was never going to happen…so for part 1 click here) and how these revelations came to light, but mainly as a place for me to express myself, a place to grieve the loss of our past, to document the trials we are sure to go through and to hopefully discover that we aren’t alone in this.’


 ‘I blog to grieve our past, express our present and discover our future’

I think that pretty much says it all don’t you? 😉



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Pay it forward….

PIF - Pay it Forward

PIF – Pay it Forward (Photo credit: amitaf)

The dental recovery is going well -actually today its fine but I’m milking it and have spent this morning catching up with more bloggers- don’t judge me 😉

Like my last catch up session – posted here– I feel so much better after visiting some of my favourite blogs and falling in love with them all over again…remembering why I followed them…remembering why trawling through my reader is worth it…reminding me WHY I love blogging. So, like last time, I am now going to highlight the blogs visited and pay it forward

Mocha at LiveUntil wrote a great post about fate, coincidence…things happening for a reason which I believe strongly about Mocha, you inspire me, your words fill me with hope, with light and I hope you realise exactly how much happiness you bring to others – thank you xB

Petite Magique recently celebrated an anniversary – so congrats to you 🙂 and also wrote a piece about tattoos which got me thinking, this post has inspired a future blog post for me so thank you 🙂

Ionia has taken a well deserved break/vacation which allowed me to stalk her blog quite freely 😉 One thing which stands out for me is how much she supports other writers with her interviews, reviews and just general interest from Ionia…not to mention the interaction through comments, the community storyboard… So now its my turn to pay it forward and suggest some of Ionias ‘writing attempts’ lol Thank you Ionia for playing such a massive part in my blogging world xB

Writing the body  (whom nominated me recently and I’ve just remembered I still haven’t posted it myself) always amazes me, such honest writing and beautiful poems – even when drunk 😉

The Crazy Nigerian (that’s the name of his blog – not me being harsh lol) has recently appeared…no no that’s not right… erm he’s been heard on the radio discussing his  book! whoop whoop Which I am so excited about! Well done you 🙂

Jesus Likes Pizza wrote about the perfect love which I found beautifully inspiring – thank you for sharing your faith xx

I FINALLY got over to visit GreenEmbers and discovered the truth about Amazon… its actually rather disgusting…and senseless in my opinion (Amazon not the post lol) Bradley…I will say this again…you are amazing, you are an inspiration and not only that but you have single handedly (is that a word?) given us the RCC… you have given so many people encouragement…that’s all down to you…thank you

Wyndy has had a tough time lately and I don’t like it one bit!! -well I DID ‘like’ her post but shhh. Wyndy, chin up lady, you are loved and we are behind you – regardless of less reblogs/blog posts/comments… we all have our own lives outside of the blogging world, we all understand how hard it can be to find the balance so please don’t apologise for being AWOL for a little while… just know we are here for you xB

Charles wrote recently of changes in his hometown which hit a nerve with me, His poem captured my feelings about it beautifully; he’s also got a book out so well done Charles, I hope to read it soon and everyone…everyone…go buy his book!! 🙂

Cathy has been staying true to form and posting beautiful photographs and poetry, this one is my favourite, so simple, so beautiful…

Donna – my very own cheerleader (twit twoo) has been off roaming Scotland and hunting for her muse Come back soon Donna! I miss you 🙂

I have SOOOOO many more blogs to get through -so bear with me- but for now its about time I got dressed and attacked some of my other goals for this week -oh yeah and then there’s the small matter of housework *groan*

So…. Thank you all for continuing to write amazing pieces



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Just thought I’d let you know…

Pile of old books.

Pile of old books. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve missed you!… I have spent this evening attempting to catch up on my reader…PROPERLY. This means actually taking the time to read more than on post on each blog I have clicked, liking  them, commenting and ENJOYING them!

I have missed this so much lately and I feel good to have gotten through a few blogs tonight….still a long way to go. I have given up trying to read everyone’s and settled for clicking through my ‘blogs I follow’ list looking at one at a time rather than rushing through them.

One thing I have noticed is how some blogs I follow only post maybe once every other month…never reply to comments…or just bore the living shit out of me lol…I mean this in the nicest way possible but some I read and think why on earth did I follow you? (I’m sure people think the same when they come across my blog lol) I have nothing in common with you, we never interact…was it at a time when I felt guilty for NOT following back? Some just clog up my reader with too many posts meaning I often miss out on the ones I enjoy reading….

What are your opinions on ‘unfollowing’? is there an etiquette? Do you unfollow blogs? I remember reading a post about someone who had just lost a follower and they couldn’t understand why the ‘unfollowee’ didn’t just ignore their posts in the reader… but I get it. I don’t want to have to ignore them THAT feels ruder (is that a word?) than unfollowing…

Back to the ones I enjoy…

Like I said I have taken my time this evening catching up (apologies to the LOADS that’s I haven’t got to tonight) but I thought I could mention the ones I have visited… Zoë has been through some shit lately, She’s had some incredible guest posts which actually bought me to tears and some really informative stuff about boundaries… I learnt a lot tonight…so thank you. you are amazingly strong, you’re inspirational and you deserve so much good stuff its unreal! There is ALWAYS hope and I am so proud of you! Pete…He has recently celebrated his one year blogging anniversary – or bloggerversary if you will ….so congrats Pete! He also took a trip in a time machine…:) You are a legend! <— FACT. The blogging world would not be the same without you and I thank you so much for all the support you have given me over the past year. I love your posts – though as you know some topics are not to my taste (or just go over my head) but I rate your passion for it and I always look forward to reading them…keep at it 🙂 (As ever…) I learnt about armadillos…need i say more? Really made me smile visiting this blog this evening 🙂 What a woman! You should be so proud of yourself (though I’m pretty sure you know this and already are 😉 ) For those who don’t know…Olivia is an author…her first novel  ‘Dawning’ will be released this summer (July I believe so not long now!!!) It’s a Historical Romance set in the Scottish Highlands. How cool is that!? I may have to smash my piggy bank and buy it once its out but for now all I can do is help by letting the people that read my posts know about hers! She is fantastic…lots of interesting author-ish posts with reviews and interviews and of course exciting news about her upcoming release 🙂 If you aren’t already familiar with Olivia and her writing…well… go check out her blog!! 😉 Have you thought about what photo would be used if you were to go missing? I hadn’t…doggys style has… I WISH I had time to read these regularly…like daily because I miss them and they’re always such a pleasure to read so thank you for staying hilarious -even in my absence 😉 – I’m glad I could come and visit tonight

I am off to bed now and looking forward to catching up with some more of you tomorrow

Night blogging world



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Writing Challenge: Metamorphosis: Old faithful

In response to this weeks weekly writing challenge – posted here

Thunder of Bangkhuntian

Thunder of Bangkhuntian (Photo credit: Nickplus)

A crash of thunder shocked me back to life and I slowly lifted my head off the ground, fighting the weight of my cold wet hair. Oh no not again! Where am I this time?? I thought. Why is it that a blazing row always happens to fall the same night as a full moon? Does my change in mood go hand in hand with my physical transformation? I should have checked the bloody calendar before speaking my mind and storming out into an equally stormy night.

Legs trembling beneath me i struggled to my feet, shaking the excess water from my coat in some last ditch attempt to dry myself before embarking on the journey home. The cool, damp ground squelched as i padded home, soothing my bare, aching feet; my mind wandering with every step…how long had I been gone for? How far had I travelled…? How will I get back into the house…if i ever find it that is.

Instinct told me to go left…I trusted it to lead me home and I was right to do so; I recognised the area, my heart began racing with excitement and before I knew it my legs were doing the same. Pounding the ground hard and fast, determined not to waste any more time away from him tonight; desperate to get home to him and reconcile.

Panting heavily i reached the door to our home ‘Baby!?’ I yelled, my voice low and gruff….’baby its me open up…you there?’ I cried out but no one came, crumpling I curled into a ball on the doorstep and whimpered. ‘Bethy?‘ he called, swinging the door open and peering out into the darkness around me. I saw his face, streaked with the pain from our heated words earlier that night and I witnessed the glimmer of hope in finding me back home vanish. I could see the twinge of pain and disappointment hit him in his gut as he hung his head; eyes closed. My heart ached and I reached towards him, desperate to comfort him and tell him we would be OK. His eyes opened, wider still when he saw me at his feet.

Bending down he cautiously offered his hand, ‘Hey girl’ he soothed; ‘What are you doing out here?’ I placed my chin in his hand, letting him know it was ok, I wouldn’t harm him. Nuzzling my cheek against the warmth of his palm I closed my eyes, drinking in the moment, happy to be back home. He sat with me on the doorstep, me leaning into his thighs and him stroking my hair. For a long while we stayed silent, just thinking, just existing together. I wanted to tell him how sorry I was for the words I said, for leaving on such bad terms… I wanted to explain that I couldn’t stay with someone who wasn’t prepared to let me in…to love me. To tell him that I needed to be loved, I deserved to be loved…but that regardless of his feelings for me I would always love him, wherever I ended up.

‘I messed up girl’ he said softly, twiddling the lengths of hair and stroking the side of my neck ‘she’s gone because I messed up…I AM messed up; I have hurt her, she thinks I don’t love her…I told her I didn’t know if I COULD love her…if I could ever love anyone…ever feel anything…’ he dropped his head into his hands. ‘I don’t deserve her…I’m a monster…I don’t deserve to live….’

‘Don’t you dare say that!’ I growled, moving to my feet and baring my teeth. I backed away, my blood pumping, pulse racing ‘Don’t you DARE!’ I barked. ‘Its true’ he said, ignoring my sudden rage ‘She deserves so much more than what I can give her, I’ve fucked everything up my whole life…I’m nothing…I’m worthless…what’s the point…?’

‘NO!’ I lunged at him, digging into the sleeve of his sweater. ‘Whoaaa’ he jumped up, tearing the sleeve in the process. ‘Ok Ok I’ll stop…I’m sorry…jeez! Beth would have done exactly the same if she heard me talking like that’ he smiled to himself at the thought. ‘But come on’ he continued, returning to his seat ‘how could I NOT love her? She completes me, she brings out the best in me…she’s the only one that makes me happy…as happy as I CAN be anyway. I cant imagine being without her, I don’t WANT to be without her.’ I sat down beside him once more, willing him to keep going; he did ‘I mean I miss her the minute she’s out of my arms; my gut hurts when we are apart…that has to be love…doesn’t it?’

He sighed and shook his head, gripping me harder in an effort to pacify himself as I leaned closer into him to do the same. ‘I’m just shit with this stuff, I wish I could just say how I feel…tell her my thoughts…tell her everything…But I’ve never let anyone in before…I don’t know HOW to. I’m scared she would reject me if I told her everything, I’m scared I would lose the love she has for me…so I do the only thing I know how and push HER away to protect myself; to avoid having to hear her confirm my fears. But…she’s worth it, I want to let HER in…I’m trying…’ his voice cracked ‘but its too late; she’s gone.’

Mans Best Friend

Mans Best Friend (Photo credit: superstrikertwo)

Stunned I watched the tears fall down his cheeks, tearing down the mask he was so used to hiding behind, he’s genuine…he’s…crying! I stood up still looking at him, my feet padding on the ground in enthusiasm, the sound of my nails scratching as i moved. My backside wiggled uncontrollably swinging my heavy blonde tail from side to side as my heart leapt in my chest. I gently placed my paws on his folded arms and brushed the tip of my cold, wet nose against his temple. He lifted his head and looked at me, his green eyes red rimmed. ‘Sorry girl, i didn’t mean to bring you down, I’ve learnt a hard lesson tonight…’

I couldn’t help it, I dragged my tongue across his cheek; ‘Eewwww!’ he laughed ‘What was THAT for??’ My way of telling you its ok, I thought. ‘I’ll be back’ I barked at him and with that I sprinted back to where I had transformed into the faithful golden Labrador that my husband had just bared his soul to; Preparing to change back to my true form and return to listen to him tell me all over again.



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And the award for the most award nominations in one post goes to….

As I mentioned  last week – I’ve been nominated for a few more awards -yay 🙂

Thank you to Charles for nominating me for the Seed of Light Award AND for the Semper Fidelis Award Which I’ve never heard of before but Charles kindly wrote ‘Fighter to the end, Always coming back stronger, Glad she’s on my side’  Aww – Thank you again.
Also Thank you to Patty for nominating me for the Lovely Blog Award AND The Influential Blogger Award
So thank YOU again 🙂 I am honoured

So…lets get going. As always if you are nominated please do not feel obliged to do anything with your award – just know I appreciate your blogging presence so thank you all. ALSO I’m going to try not to double up people and awards for the record…I’d probably award all 4 awards to all nominees. Finally…CAN ONE OF THE FOLLOWING NOMINEES PLEASE CLARIFY WHETHER OR NOT YOU RECIEVED A NOTIFICATION FOR THIS POST.

Seed of Light Award:


‘Planting is easy: if you receive this award, simply pass it on to another blogger who inspires you through the beauty of their words/images as well as any blog which brings joyful awareness to nature and our connection to each other.’

This one does not say how many bloggers so….I’m opting for just one and that is How could I NOT nominate you for this? You have connected so many of us with the RCC… Thank you


The Semper Fidelis Award:

Semper Fidelis is Latin and means Always Loyal. Loyalty means the world to me. I am very loyal myself, but I’ve got major trust issues as well. And I think trust is very important if you are sharing so much of yourself with people you meet through the internet. So I am working on that! 🙂
Why the wolves? Because wolves have very strong ties with their pack. Like a family or a great group of friends. And I just love them!
This award stands for the loyalty and love between friends.
The Rules:

  •     Add the Semper Fidelis Award logo somewhere on your blog.
  •     Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  •     Nominate 5 bloggers who’s loyalty and friendship you value and you consider being part of your ‘pack of wolves’ on WordPress.
  •     Post something special for each one of your nominees  and dedicate it to them. This can be a quote, saying, poem, picture, anything you think that would fit that person.
  •     Let the nominees know that you’ve nominated them.

My 5 nominees for the Semper Fidelis Award: OF COURSE! Leader of my pack (I know I know but shh and accept it lol) Always Hope! 🙂 Produced THE best comment of all time ‘idiot girl’ (not you lol) Check out Kira for the 411 …I found you Wyndy 🙂

One Lovely Blog Award:

The rules for One Lovely Blog Award are:

  •     Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
  •     Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back.
  •     Share 7 random things about yourself.
  •     Nominate 7 blogs with the award, a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.
  •     Copy and paste the award on your blog somewhere.

7 things about me:

  1. I was born blonde but am currently reddish brown…hoping to remove the red ASAP
  2. I am a(part time) personal assistant and love it 🙂
  3. I LOVE caramel lattes and mochas
  4. I was so bored last week I baked 3 different kinds of cake in less than 24 hours…maybe hubbys gym comment had some reason
  5. I got a lot of organising done at home this weekend and feel SO much better for it
  6. I have so many post ideas that I don’t know when or how I am going to write them down in any kind of logical order
  7. I have no idea how I am going to nominate so many people in one go without confusing myself or upsetting someone by missing them lol

Nominees for the Lovely Blog Award: Not sure if its an award-y type blog but hopefully a few of you followers will check it out -well worth it 🙂 (and it IS lovely)

Most Influential Blogger Award


  • Display the award logo on your blog.
  • Link back to the person who nominated you.
  • Answer 7 questions.
  • Nominate ( no limit of nominations ) other bloggers for this award and link back to them.
  • Notify those bloggers of the award requirements.

The 7 questions:
1-If you could create your planet what would it look like? Like the sweet world in wreck it Ralph…but all fat/calorie free
2-If you could visit one nation you have never visited before, what nation would that be? The united…Nation…? Alien…Nation? No…? Lol
3-Have you ever taken a long distance train trip? Yup I went to Venice (from UK) on a coach once…24 hours it took…that’s a long ass trip lol Aside from that Jamaica…America…
4-What is something you would collectively change about humanity? A shed load more honesty
5-What is your favourite song? 30 Seconds to Mars -The Kill
6-If you could meet one person who is still alive who would you choose to meet? JB!! From JLS…I’d hug him, lick his face and then knee him in the balls for letting the group split!
7-If you could choose one symbol to represent you, what would that symbol be and why? Piranha? Cause if you piss me off I’ll eat you alive! lol OOORRRR a Labrador… kind, loyal and helpful but barks at things on TV, chews up your stuff if you ignore me and poos in your shoe if you wind me up.

Nominees for the Influential Blogger Award:
Everyone in the RCC

Phew…Thank you again and congrats to all



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DpChallenge: Manner of speaking: He says tom(A)to, I say tom(AR)to

You say tomato, I say tomatoe

You say tomato, I say tomatoe (Photo credit: dynet)

Being British and married to an American it’s not unusual for us to debate language… In particular the pronunciation of certain words…or just ‘anything with an ‘A’’ as my husband often says.
He says Ass, I say ARse
He says pAss, I say pARss
He says lAst, I say lARst

One that always makes me l(AR)ugh is the way he says hOrrible. He says whore-able so I always make fun of him for that one; I say patronise while he says pate-ronise -like patriot which he always uses as his argument for being right on that one. (I realise from the examples I’ve used it seems like we don’t say many NICE things to each other lol but that’s not the case)

We have fun with it, its not unusual for him to pick up on a word or phrase I’ve said in my accent…and then mimic it…in the worst cockney accent EVER. In fact, when we first met he would frequently say the words ‘guvnor’ and ‘me lord’ in THAT cockney voice – terrible. I mean WHO – apart from Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins- sounds like that?? To get him back I’ll do my best American accent and reply with ‘totally aweeesuuuummm’ or (my favourite) ‘don’t you thiiiink, this is kiiiiiiinnd or ridiculouuuus?’ However my American accent sounds like a reeeally camp Lloyd Grossman (Google him) …the total opposite of my husbands deep Mississippi twang.

Aside from pronunciation and accents…(Not to mention the spelling…but don’t get me started on spelling!!) there’s also the complete replacement of certain words. Pants instead of trousers, trash or garbage instead of rubbishcart instead of trolley…At first it was amusing, endearing and a novelty but after a while you adapt, it merges and it becomes part of your own language. I will often purposely say the american version i.e. are your ‘pants’ (meaning jeans) clean or dirty? -If only to make life easier and to avoid having to clarify which word I mean every time I say something but the whole ‘as in pants pants? or underwear pants?’ conversation still happens because he assumes I’m going to be stubborn and stick to ‘my’ words. *sigh* I may as well say it MY way every time.

Fanny Pack!

Fanny Pack! (Photo credit: jrambow)

There are a few things I flat out refuse to say and vow I will never convert to. I will NEVER call crisps… ‘chips’ (thankfully I don’t eat them often enough to ever warrant me having to ask for them in public) I will NEVER call my bum my ‘fanny’ (eurgh) and I will NEVER call jam ‘jelly’…he feels the same about saying some of ‘his words’ my way…and neither of us call cigarettes ‘fags’ so I think that’s a fair compromise.

I do often forget that he’s American and I’m not…or that I’m British and he’s not… because hearing it everyday becomes the norm. Its only when we confuse each other with alien vocabulary or one of his American friends asks me to say a certain word in ‘my accent’ *rolls eyes* that I’m reminded of the difference…I’m sure one day my accent will fuse into the British/American slur that I have managed to avoid so far and those friends will stop asking…so for now I’m embracing our differences and MY British words in MY British accent…

More tea me-lord?



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Awards :)

This post is long overdue…so…HERE IT IS 🙂

I have been awarded 2 awards – by 3 different bloggers so thank you all so much 🙂

So, first up is the Family Award

family awardAward Description:

“This is an award for everyone who is part of the “WordPress Family” I started this award on the basis that the WordPress family has taken me in, and showed me love and a caring side only WordPress can show. The way people take a second to be nice, to answer a question and not make things a competition amazes me here. I know I have been given many awards, but I wanted to leave my own legacy on here by creating my own award, as many have done before. This represents “Family” we never meet, but are there for us as family. It is my honour to start this award.”

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you:
Wrestling Life:
Petite Magique:
(Thank you both 🙂 )
3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family:

Of course these nominations are probably going to be repeats of previous nominees…because you’re my blogging family; you’re the ones I feel (the most) comfortable (ish) around and I’m going to pass on the love (deal with it 😉 )
BeetleyPete….THE DADDY of my blog world. If I piss off Pete…I know I’m in trouble
Behind the mask of abuse -ALWAYS hope 😉
Donna – My cheerleader
Green Embers – You keep me motivated…naturally 😉
Mocha -Off to a bumpy start but it didn’t take long for me to realise that this guy is rather profound and insightful. He keeps me on the straight and narrow
Doggys style – Never far away 🙂
Crazy Bunny – your turn to do an award post 😉
(Oh did I not get to 10? Oh well…lol)

4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them (I’m relying on pingbacks)
5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people that have taken you as a friend, and spread the love.

Next up is the Interesting Blog Award -Created AND nominated by Crazy Bunny – Thanking you sweets. Check out her blog -

Interesting blogRules:
1. Thank the person who nominated you -Thank you Crazy bunny 😉

2. List 5 random facts about yourself
*I am 5,5
*I am currently wearing dinosaur claw slippers
*And watching ‘the voice’ while writing this
*And thinking of what to eat
*AND am considering whether or not I would ‘do’ that guy from the script


3. Nominate a minimum of 5 blogs for the award
Wrestling Life
Petite Magique
Hasty Words
Fat Bottom Girl

4. Answer the 5 questions and Ask the nominees 5 questions of your choice
MY Answers:
a. Why did you start your blog? I needed an outlet for some rather personal (but not too personal to stop me blogging it lol) marriage issues…so here I am
b. What was the most embarrassing situation you have ever been in?
On my wedding night I was peer pressured into taking a triple shot of jager…lifting the cup with no hands…from my new husbands lap…whilst wearing an ivory dress (classy or what!?) I failed, I had to take more than one go and I still cringe to this day…I then went back to the hotel and vommed ALL night…sexy ha ha. Oh well that will teach them 😉
c. If you were to win 1 million Euro/Dollar/Pounds (whatever), what would be the first thing you’d do? First I would give my mum some money to pay her back (in part) for all the drinks she paid for at uni lol then Id do sensible stuff like get a house and stock up on all the boring things I always need to save up for…a decent new razor…a good haircut and colour…a boob job?
d. What’s your favourite past-time and why? Photoshop…because the impossible becomes possible when Photoshop is involved lol. Either that or drawing/blogging…call of duty… expression/release
e. Describe yourself in 5 sentences or less.
Hmmm, that would depend on my mood while writing this lol. In general (off my blog) I am a little bit crazy (usually the good kind) rather random, I love to laugh. I am a worrier, a lover, a fighter and I am often surprised by my own determination and strength. Physically I am 5,5, average weight/build, brown eyes and brunette…though I’m usually (and was born) blonde 😉

My questions to you:
What song is stuck in your head?
If looking at a bed…which side do you HAVE to sleep on? Or are you a starfish?
Dinosaurs or dragons?
What’s the biggest life lesson you have learnt so far?
How many men does it take to change a light bulb?

5. And finally, let them know you have nominated them
Hopefully the pingbacks will do that…

Phew…I got there in the end, so Thank you all and Congrats to the ‘nominees’ (Please dont feel obliged to do any of the above…just know Im thinking of you 🙂 )



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