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Comments from today…

A letter of explanation

A letter of explanation (Photo credit: ~Aphrodite)


Just a quickie (oi oi)


I have been away from the laptop all day, fighting off THE migraine from hell for the past 24 hours (grrrrr) and am just pretty emotionally drained really (get the violins out 😉 )


Anyway, I AM alive and have been notified of (and have therefore read) any comments from you today.


However, after the recent (and SO frustrating) App flop on my phone I dont feel confident replying to comments on there so….


Thank you all, I HAVE read them, I DO appreciate them (and you for writing them lol) and I WILL reply to all of them once my vision returns and I get more than a few minutes to concentrate on a response…so hopefully tomorrow after a good nights sleep and a bucketload of headache pills (or just the recommended dose)


I also pinky promise to swing by and catch up on my reader a little…it is the weekend after all…and you dont mess with a pinky promise!


See you on the other side


Night World



(please ignore any typos Im too tired xx)



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