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Crystal: Bartender and Thomas

My character post on the MisAdventures of Vanilla 🙂

The MisAdventures of Vanilla

‘AGAIN!’ the drunk, overweight businessman demanded as he leaned across the bar and stuffed a few notes down my top.

‘Larry honey I think you’ve had enough…want me to call you a cab?’

He swayed sleepily, raised his eyebrows and tried his best to keep his eyes from rolling.  ‘Look Crystal,’ he slurred and waved some more bills in my face; ‘If THIS wont get me just one more drink….what exactly WILL it get me? You do that stuff don’t you? Going that extra mile…customer satisfaction and all that…?’

I flushed and tried not to stiffen but even Larry – as drunk as he was- noticed my change in demeanor.  A smirk crossed his lips and he slowly nodded,  ‘Oh, so you do, eh?’ he leaned towards me once more, the sickly sweet smell of Jack Daniels and cigarettes clouding the air and sticking in my lungs.

‘I’ll call you…

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Oddquain: Hope’s Alive

I think we could all do with watering our seeds of hope now and then 🙂 xBx



Balloons in the wind

In light of this mornings negative post…Mocha is here, handing out balloons 😉 xBx



Happiest Moment of Today #20

Motivation Monday…. ‘Happiness Project’ One of my favourite parts of this blog 🙂 Even on the days which aren’t so great we should still look for the positives 🙂

The Girl with Twine in Her Bag

One of the days where my happiness level is 1 out of 10, so the happiest moment would be having lunch alone at CoffeeBean with my book.

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Let someone else choose your meal at a restaurant

Seeing as it’s Motivation Monday….
I honestly think this is one of the best blogs…EVER! lol Seriously…for us serious ones we really do need to take a leaf out of this guys book (or blog) and do something different…not even anything big or expensive..just different to what WE would normally do. It’s inspiring -and oh so simple. For some reason I cant reblog the ‘about’ page…cause it’s a page maybe? I dont know but I honestly reccommend you check it out for yourselves.

Wobble a Jelly

In my why section, I explain that the inspiration for this blog started as a result of choosing something different off of a menu. It forced me to try something I’d never normally try.

I still felt I was veering towards food I would like, so at a meal with some work colleagues, I decided to try something really different.

We played a game where you choose the meal for the person to your left. And so on round the table.

We briefed the waiter so that he would not repeat the order back so that we only knew what we were having when it arrived at the table. It was really quite exciting – not knowing what someone would order for you, and equally what the other person would think of the meal you’ve just chosen for them. It’s quite a conversation-starter.

I have played The Game know…

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Random Humor

I BET you laugh/smile at at least 2 of these….

Michael Bradley - Time Traveler

More random humor to get you through hump day.  Enjoy!

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I spy a brand spanking new website …. Impressive xB

stevesworld Blog


I thought i would get round to making one and i think my mum would be proud of the name.

Steve 🙂

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A Real Treat

Well….its true…and it makes me feel a little better (we laughed today…A LOT 🙂 ) xB


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Another fabulous poem ….

‘Just because someone doesnt love you the way you want them to…doesnt mean they dont love you with everything they have’


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Poem: Choose

Yet another powerful and relevant poem…show some love 🙂




Thanks for visiting! I love to hear your thoughts! Comments! I mean comments! (imagine, hearing someone’s thoughts all the time! I’m already getting crazy from my own!) 🙂

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